Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning

You might have heard that you should get your air ducts cleaned. You may also have heard that it does not have significant reported health benefits. So, are there actually benefits to regular duct cleaning?

Absolutely. Indoor air quality is one concern - although the dust, pet dander and cigarette smoke that collect in your ducts might not have a major effect on most people, they can certainly impact young children, the elderly, and people with asthma or allergies. Also, in some cases, mold might form inside your ducts, and some molds can be toxic. If there is visible mold or you smell a musty odor, you should get your ducts cleaned as soon as possible. Mold is most commonly found when insulation in air ducts gets wet, so if you have mold you should consider replacing the insulation and talk to your HVAC person about the best new insulation to use or other repairs to make to avoid a recurrence of the problem.

However, the most important benefit of regular duct cleaning is economic - it reduces your heating and cooling cost. Any contaminants in the ducts or on the filter force your system to work harder, wasting energy and shortening its life. Dirty coils and blowers can cut your furnace's efficiency by as much as 40 percent.

You should consider getting your ducts cleaned every two to five years, and most especially if somebody has worsening indoor allergies, if somebody has an unexplained allergy, or if there are signs of noticeable debris, mold or animal infestation in your ducts. It is also a good idea to schedule duct cleaning after any major renovation, especially if asbestos abatement was involved.

Make sure you hire a reputable duct cleaning company that does a full cleaning of your system and has good references. Duct cleaning can save you a lot of money and, in some cases, improve your health.

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